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Surveying the map is the basis of design in Poland. We will tell you how to get it and who will do it hard and fast. We invite you to read the content on our Mapy Geodezyjne Site. The time will be updated.

Mapy geodezyjne

Mapy geodezyjne are made in the form of classical and digital. Making maps for design purposes the numerical version is actually functional for architects and designers, ready to primer receiving new mapping format CAD environment, including dwg. In addition to the map file is prepared in analog form - on paper or tracing paper.

In addition, the proposal shall be made as calibration and vectorization of raster map geodezyjnych.

Geodeta Bielsko-Biała

We start from contractors and surveyors from the south Polish - Bielsko first. Discussed surveyor was established in 2002. Manages qualified team who, through practice and qualifications give great advice many tasks in the field of usługi geodezyjne Bielsko-Biala.

Have had appropriate professional qualifications, enabling sharing surveying range of activities including: mapy geodezyjne, overall handle construction projectsIn operation, use the highest quality hardware and software environment Cad.


- Reliable and professional service

- Short lead times

- High quality for each usługi geodezyjne Bielsko

Always fruitful co-operation with individual clients, design companies and regulations.


  •  mapy geodezyjne - including situational mapping - elevation
  • Comprehensive range of construction projects - including large objects such as roads, etc.
  • Preparation of documentation for legal purposes
  • Examination of the land registry
  • Preparation of cross-sections of land
  • Complementary measurements and updating the master map
  • Installation service
  • Control measures during construction
  • Preparation of as-built surveying inventory at the end of the investment;
  • Preparation of geodetic documentation for legal purposes
  • Examination of the legal status of property
  • Real estate divisions in urban areas and urban
  • Measurements to determine the sown area of ​​crops
More information on: http://www.unigeo.pl/ 


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